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Exciting news over here at the Gingrich Library blog! Library Marketing Assistant Abby Army is going to start posting book reviews! They will be of books we have here in the Gingrich Library. If you like one of Abby’s reviews you can check out the book here! Sometimes its hard to find a book to read Abby is here to help! Abby’s reviews will be coming soon.

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Game Night/Day of the Dead

Below is a guest post from Abby Army  the library marketing assistant here in the library!


By day, Gingrich Library is a (mostly) quiet space, filled with students studying and working to further their education. However, last week, the library took a step on the wild side with two fun and innovative programs.

On November 1, we held an event that is a staple of this fall season, the Dia de los Muertos study break. This event allows students to take a break and relax while returning to their childhood and coloring. Hot chocolate and other refreshments are also provided (who knew Dulce de Leche wafer cookies were so mind-blowingly good?!). The coloring is not only a fun way to relax, but also a neat way to possibly earn prizes. We had two winners of our yearly Calavera contest; Paris Walker and Lauryn Gwathmey! Congratulations!

On November 3, we held our first ever Game Night, a night full of fun, laughter, and bonding. Students could choose to test their patience Jenga, test their flexibility with Twister, test their luck with Candy Land, test their guessing skills with Clue, or test their mind with Scrabble (en Espanol, of course). However, the surprise hit game of the night was a game called Quelf, a game meant to test your creativity, and your sense of humor.

Both of these events were well-received, and both will most likely happen again! Be sure to come to Gingrich Library before the holidays and check out a book to curl up with, it’s getting cold out there, and we all need a little time to relax and enjoy a good story (or twelve!).

-Abby Army

Albright ’20

Thanks to Abby for her blog post!  To see more photos from our fall events follow our instagram! https://www.instagram.com/albrightlibrary/


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Research a book before you challenge it!

Think of your favorite board book or book from your toddler years.

Do you have fond memories of ” Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See?” This children’s book staple was at one time a banned book. In 2010 the Texas Board of Education voted to remove ” Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See?” by Bill Martin because of an author mix up. In the attempt to prevent a book titled ” Ethical Marxism : The Categorical Imperative of Liberation” from  being included in the curriculum a Texas school board voted to exclude the author Bill Martin. The author of ” Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See?” is also named Bill Martin. The two authors are not related ( ” Children’s Author Snared in Mix-Up” 17).


The error was later corrected. Who knew a a children’s board book could be confused for ethical marxism?

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Accessed 21 Aug 2017

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“Fun Home” raises concerns

Students usually associate bans and challenges within a k-12 education setting. However, that’s not always the case. In 2015 a Duke university  freshmen expressed concern over the summer reading selection of “Fun Home” by Alison Bechdel.

The award winning graphic novel deals with the death of a closeted parent and the authors lesbianism ( Burr,Triggering).

To see the letter concerning the book that the freshman published see:

Freshmen skipping ‘Fun Home’ for moral reasons

Duke students reject award-winning book over gay themes


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Burr, Ty. “Triggering a Call for Debate on Campus.” Boston GlobeAug 30 2015. ProQuest. Web. 21 Aug. 2017


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A book about penguins tops the banned list

Penguins can cause controversy.  The book “And Tango Makes Three” is about penguins in the Central Park Zoo. It was also the “American Library Associations Most Challenged in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2010.  It has been challenged in public schools libraries, and in some cases, removed or placed on a restricted shelf” ( Scales 136).

What is it about this book that makes it so controversial? The penguins in the story, Roy and Silo,  are two males and together they hatch and raise a baby penguin named Tango. Parents objected to same sex penguin couple. For more information see the following stories:

A Baby for the Gay Authors Behind the Daddy Penguins


Remember the last CMS book controversy? Here’s what it tells us about the latest


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