“Renovations “ undertaken to improve the library main floor

This summer the library staff members are making a few adjustments to the main floor to improve the library’s functionality and usage by students and faculty:

  • Moving the reference desk in front of reference staff offices to increase visibility from the entrance.
  • Moving the “popular reading” section closer to the “popular DVD” section to encourage more patron browsing.  These materials are placed where the reference desk used to be and have two comfy chairs right in front.
  • Moving the “new book” additions to the front of the library so they have more shelf space and easier browsing.  They also have comfy chairs placed nearby to encourage grabbing a book off the shelf and checking it out.
  • Upgrading all of the public computers in the library to the HP Compaq LE2002x.
  • Rearranging and repurposing public library computers to add three new computers to the floor and provide more space in tight computer areas .
  • Removing the microform cabinets to make room for additional tables and approximately 15 additional seats.
  • Moving larger tables closer to electrical outlets to encourage laptop usage.
  • Keeping most of the study carrels (a.k.a. study cubbies) on the floor but moved to behind the reference stacks for more privacy and access to electricity.
  • Adding more pictures to the wall to cheer up the room.

About Heidi Ziemer

Instructional and Outreach Services Librarian at Albright College Library
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