Punk for a Day

Pretty in punk : girls' gender resistance in a boys' subculture.

Pretty in punk : girls’ gender resistance in a boys’ subculture.
by Leblanc, Lauraine.
Call # 305.235 L445p 1999

October 25th: Punk for a Day

Punk for a Day Day is today. Are you a punk or would you like to be one?

Then read on!

Like many common words in the English language, the word “punk” has taken on a whole new meaning in the last several decades. It used to refer to a disrespectful, destructive, rebellious teenager. In the 70s it gained new meaning with the punk rock music genre. Today, it refers to someone who just wants to be different — a non-comformist — especially one who identifies with the punk music scene and dresses the part.

So if you’re a punk or just interested in the culture, fashion, or the music be sure to check out some of our great library resources on Punk Rock music and culture!

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