Edible Books 2016

Do you have a creative idea for an Edible Book? Submit your entry in the 11th Annual Gingrich Library Edible Books Contest! The contest will be held on Wednesday April 13th 2016 starting at noon. If you would like to enter entries must be dropped off at the library by 11am. The registration forms are due by April 11th.

What is an Edible Books? Edible Books are made of FOOD and are inspired by literary titles, characters or authors. From serious to silly, artsy to kitschy, you can express your creativity and love of books!

The International Edible Books Festival is an annual event usually held on or around April 1, which is also known as Edible Book Day. The global event has been celebrated since 2000 in various parts of the world, where ” edible books” are created displayed, and contests are held. The Edible Book Festival is a creation of Judith A. Hoffberg ( 1934-January 16,2009) and artist Beatrice Coron.  The Gingrich Library was one of the earliest libraries to being holding Edible Book contests. The initiative was started by Kristin Brumbach and our late library director Rosemary Deegan back in 2006.

For more information and pictures of past entries go to http://library.albright.edu/ediblebooks or contact Lindsay Sakmann at lsakmann@albright.edu


Edible Books Poster 2016



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