A “Dirty Cowboy” gets a bath and then gets banned

Sometimes even children’s picture books can be subject to a challenge or ban. This was the case with the book ” The Dirty Cowboy” by Amy Timberlake.

” The Dirty Cowboy” is the story of a cowboy who decides he needs a bath. After bathing the cowboy’s dog does not recognize him. The dog known as Dawg refues to give the cowboy back his clothes. This forces the now naked cowboy to chase dawg around. While the cowboy is naked for most of the book his nakedness is disguised by cleverly placed objects.

According to the book ” Books Under Fire” the ” book was removed from the library at the W.C. Andrews Primary School in Portland, Texas, because the principal ” didn’t want the book in the library”( Scales 172). Locally the book was removed by a vote of 8-0 from the Annville-Cleona School District ( Scales 172).

For more information please see : Scales, Pat R. Books Under Fire: A Hit List of Banned and Challenged Children’s Books. Chicago: ALA Editions, An imprint of the American Library Association, 2015. Print. 

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