Looking for Alaska

Happy New Year Albrightians!

As promised here is the first book review from the library marketing intern Abby!

Abby reviewed Looking for Alaska by John Green.

If you would like to check out this book you can find it in the catalog using this link.

Take it away Abby!

Looking for Alaska by John Green (Library Blog Book Review)

Looking for Alaska by John Green is a mystery wrapped in “romance.” Overall, the plot is not horrible, the culminating event of Alaska’s death definitely throws readers for a loop. It has an interesting structure, but the actual plot is disappointing (the first time reading it, I threw the book across the room, that’s definitely not recommended). I really think that the book could have used some other, more intense elements to make it a truly great novel. I liked the book, but I definitely have my issues with the plot and the two focal characters. The loose ends are mainly what I found upsetting (ie; the extreme number of unanswered questions surrounding Alaska’s death). Furthermore, the character of Alaska seems obviously written to be just a plot point. She is more or less a cardboard character, seemingly only there to torture Miles. Her death seemed to be nothing more than a way for Green to write Miles into coming of age. This is problematic because it plays into the stereotype (that Green has a nasty habit of falling into) that women just exist to further male characters and their journeys. I do think that this a good read if people want to explore coming-of-age stories.


Overall rating: 3/5 stars. Good for a quick read

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