Dealing with Back to School

Our awesome marketing assistant Abby has crafted a blog post about the start of the semester! How do you deal with your stress?

Back to School Blog Post


Welcome back! With this August heat, our school days can feel like a mirage. But it is real! With the start of the semester comes events, recruitment, deadlines, and rising stress levels. I know coming back for my junior year definitely caused me to make a lot of panicked phone calls to my mom. While my first POPs weekend as a POP was incredible, I couldn’t shake the feeling that my time here is going far too fast.

Week 2 is already wrapping up. How do you stop feeling like days are only minutes long?

I compiled a list of 15 activities that I utilize to deal with the stress of college:

  1. Take a 15-25 minute nap
  2. Pop some bubble wrap
  3. Go to Glow Yoga (first Friday of every month!)
  4. Go to the library and pick up some DVDs you enjoy
  5. Color in a coloring book
  6. Paint on a canvas
  7. Free write in a journal for 15 minutes
  8. Put on music and dance it out
  9. Make a meal with healthy ingredients
  10. Call your mom
  11. Read more books than you did in 2010
  12. Meditate for 10 minutes, notice how you feel
  13. Try to make 3 people smile per day
  14. Declutter one spot in your dorm
  15. Make lists of countries you would like to visit.

Even though this list may not fit everyone, it does contain short, easy tasks that anyone complete if they take the time to try.


Best wishes for the school year,



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